BREAKING: Jen Psaki Admits Biden Virus Bombshell – It’s Not Looking Good…

White House press secretary Jen Psaki surprisingly laid out some of Joe Biden’s shortcomings on January 13, revealing that the president was aware of at least one of them.

According to Psaki, Biden knows that he is “not always the most effective messenger” in regards to motivating Americans to get the vaccine.

“What the president also recognizes is that he’s not always the most effective messenger. Everybody in the country’s not looking for him to tell them what to do. He certainly knows that. What’s most important here is people hearing from local leaders, doctors, people who have different political beliefs out there, conveying clear, accurate information about the effectiveness of these vaccines. We think all of that has had an impact, and a lot of that is stuff that we have implemented.”

In another surprise from Biden recently, the White House recently expressed appreciation to Donald Trump for his role in developing the vaccines.

However, despite knowing that America trusts Trump more than the current regime, it doesn’t appear as though Biden has asked Trump for any further assistance in getting America vaccinated.

Perhaps that explains why it isn’t getting done. Even Psaki herself is willing to admit that people just don’t listen to Joe these days.

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