BREAKING: Tragedy Strikes Biden Family – Not Again…

There’s a real possibility that the Biden family is compromised.

As in, who do they owe money or favors to that the American people might not know about? Let’s be honest, Hunter Biden might just be the biggest threat to America’s national security at this moment. Neither of the Biden boys can be trusted.

Breitbart News’ Peter Schweizer recently stopped by Fox News to talk about the five different deals that the Biden family has recently entered into that might cause the American people some serious problems.

“There were five different deals,” Schweizer began. “There was a $20 million private equity deal that put together. There was a $5 million deal that was arranged and then a series of other deals. And what they all have in common, Bill is that in each and every case, those deals were handled by a Chinese businessman who had links to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence — meaning the vice-minister for State Security and the former minister of State Security.”

“What that means,” he concluded, “is that what was initially a story of cronyism and corruption, we now have to recognize is an intelligence story, and it’s not just a question of the Bidens getting rich. We have to start having the conversation and investigating whether the Biden family may indeed be compromised.”

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