BREAKING: Joe Biden EXPOSED – America Sees The Truth Behind The Virus…

Joe Biden won’t like to admit it, but a recent poll shows that voters have no problem doing so:

COVID mandates are starting to be lifted because of politics, not because of science.

A recent poll shows that 65% of Americans believe “that politics — not science — is driving the decisions to lift restrictions.”

Don’t let liberals fool you into thinking that the science has changed, literally nothing about the science has changed. The reason that mask and vaccine mandates are quietly going away in some places is simple, Democrats want you to forget they imposed them on you by the time midterms roll around.

Many people are even going so far as to say that liberals who win their midterms are simply going to reinstate the mandates once they’re in power.

According to Ron DeSantis, “The minute those elections are over, they will impose mandates if they feel the need to do that. They will impose restrictions.”

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