BREAKING: Joe Biden Touching Scandal Stuns Congress – Voters Are…

The Midas Touch is defined as “the ability to make money out of anything one undertakes.”

The Biden Touch is defined as “the ability to make a dumpster fire out of anything one undertakes, even things that were previously fine.”

Guess which one the president of the United States of America is afflicted with…

Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, recently appeared on Fox to say he was pretty sure that out of the two options, Biden is more likely infected with the Biden Touch, as everything Joe gets involved with turns to garbage.

According to Jordan, Biden’s administration “has screwed up everything they have touched.”

“First of all, we find out about this, this story breaks on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Go figure. But we actually knew about this. Andy and I knew about this several months ago and raised this issue. When we had Secretary Mayorkas, Secretary Blinken in a briefing for members of the Judiciary Committee, they, in essence, told us what you just described, that there was no real vetting of these individuals. And in fact, we knew this was the case. There was no way they could do what was the debacle of the Afghan exit that Biden presided over. There’s no way they could properly vet people. So we knew this happened months ago.”

“We got the briefing from Secretary Blinken and Mayorkas. They as much as told us that,” Jordan continued. “We’ll continue to try to hold their feet to the fire and see what we can do going forward. But this was kind of what was expected from this administration that has screwed up everything they have touched.”

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  11. Biden does not have the presence of mind to start a dumpster fire, but the people in his administration (Obama leftovers) are pretty good at it.
    When Obama was in office his administration had one characteristic that kept repeating in every policy decision.
    They never thought anything all the way through from implementation to completion. They just threw paint (ideas) against the wall waiting for something to stick!

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