BREAKING: Joe Biden Diagnosis Spells Doom For His Future – White House Shocked…

Joe Biden has not been doing a very good job as the President of the United States of America.

In fact, he’s been doing a terrible job.

That’s why his approval rating currently sits at a disastrous 41%.

This clown can’t even get half the country to agree with anything he does. It really makes you wonder how (or IF) this guy ever got elected in the first place.

If only 41% of voters think he isn’t doing a terrible job, then who were the people that voted this guy in?

The obvious answer would be hiding under a table in Detroit somewhere, waiting for the Republicans to leave the room.

The 41% comes from Gallup, perhaps the most respected poll in America.

From their report:

To date, only one president — Trump — saw any gains in his job approval ratings between the fifth and seventh quarters in office. The seventh quarter concludes Oct. 19, just weeks before the midterm elections. In Trump’s case, his job approval increased only marginally, from 39% to 41%, and not nearly enough to alter the dynamics of the election that saw Republicans lose 40 House seats and control of that chamber.

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