BREAKING: Kamala Harris Ordered OUT – White House Demands She…

Joe Biden has bungled the Ukraine-Russia situation so badly that the White House has made the decision to send Vice President Kamala Harris to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky next month. Biden’s constant insistence that Zelensky will soon lose his country to Russia has put a considerable strain on the relationship between the two countries.

When Kamala Harris is sent in because even she is more likeable, America has a problem at President.

Biden has asserted time and time again that a war is probably coming, despite having demonstrated with his Premature evacuation in Afghanistan that he has absolutely no ability to handle wartime decisions or statements. The man has done more damage than good time and time again.

Zelensky has consistently tried to calm Biden down, pointing out that the number of Russian troops near the Ukraine border were roughly the same at this time last year.

Biden hasn’t calmed down. As a result, the White House has decided to send Kamala Harris to the country next month.

Hopefully it goes well. After all, everything’s been fine when she’s visited other countries before, right? It’s not like she made a massive fool of herself, right?

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