BREAKING: Joe Biden Unable To SPEAK – Nation Waiting For Answers

Joe Biden’s big speech is already being reviewed as possibly the worst State of the Union address in American history.

Not only did Joe bungle the things he DID talk about, he missed so much that many Americans were wondering if he only got through half of his notes.

Right now, this country is reeling economically. Rent is unaffordable, grocery prices are blowing up, and paying at the pump has never been so painful.

Yet, for some reason, Biden barely addressed inflation at all during his speech. This is despite the fact that most Americans wanted him to talk at length about the subject.

Fifty-three percent of respondents to a recent poll believe that Biden did not address inflation enough.

In fact, Sleepy Joe barely mentioned it at all, referring to a vague plan to build a “better America.”

Joe didn’t address violent crime enough either, something that 54% of Americans thought Biden should have spent more time on. Instead, Biden spent most of his time during AMERICA’S State of the Union address talking about things going on in Europe.

I get it, there’s a new war brewing. But it all just seems a little too convenient that something totally unrelated to Biden’s America would hijack our State of the Union speech when we FINALLY had a chance to see Biden answer for himself.

He didn’t do it. The can’s a little further down the road now, and maybe he’ll take the time to pick it up during his next speech…

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