It seems that the more we find out about former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, the worse it gets. We already knew that Joe Biden is a political chameleon who shifts views depending on what he thinks people want to hear.

And of course he says racially insensitive things all the time. He’s known for it, and his staffers are now trying to limit his time on the campaign trail to keep him from further embarrassing himself long before voters ever cast a single ballot. But the newest charges leveled against him are far more serious. In fact, they’re totally disqualifying.

Joe Biden has been accused of using the Vice Presidency of the United States to help the business interests of family members: specifically his brother and his son. These are serious allegations and the media should take them seriously — but we all know they probably will not.

In one case, Joe Biden was picked by former President Obama to oversee relations with Ukraine. This is incredibly important and dangerous work, because the area is a point of contention for Russia. Wars could literally start over the decisions made in Ukraine. But Joe Biden didn’t take it seriously.

Apparently, a donor with Ukrainian ties  gave a loan to Biden’s brother, James, for half a million dollars. James Biden used it to buy a house. This comes after previous allegations that involved Joe Biden’s son and loans from Ukraine. These financial ties and troubling and appear to be part of a bigger pattern.

Only time will tell if anything illegal occurred. But one thing is certain: Joe Biden used his Vice Presidency to get sweetheart deals from foreigners for his family. That’s something that this nation cannot tolerate in a president.

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