BREAKING: Joe Biden’s BUSTED In Seditious China Scheme – America Is…

Many Americans are demanding an answer to the question, but Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, might be one of the few of us that could actually get an answer:

Why did Joe Biden eliminate America’s tariffs on hundreds of Chinese products?

As reported last month, Biden’s United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai recently announced the elimination of tariffs on more than 350 products that are made in China then imported to America.

Tai called the move “economic appeasement.”

Cotton was not happy, writing “Days ago, your agency blew a massive hole in our enforcement regime by approving tariff exemptions for over 350 Chinese-made products. Earlier last month, USTR also punted on opening new 301 investigations into China’s economic abuses. These trade concessions are a gift to Chinese producers that continue your agency’s pattern of economic appeasement.”

He also asked “In estimated total dollar value, how much will trade with China likely increase as a result of these tariff exemptions? Will our trade deficit likely grow or shrink? Did we receive any reciprocal tariff reductions or other trade concessions from China in response to these exemptions?”

Unsurprisingly, he hasn’t gotten a response yet.

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