Biden Blows It… Jaw-Dropping Public Meltdown

Biden has lost his mind. He just had a jaw-dropping public meltdown, and the shocking news is spreading nationwide. He’s completely blown the 2020 election.

Hunter Biden, the son of presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, might need to get some help.  After seeing a helicopter near his home, he has accused President Trump of maliciously spying on him.

“I don’t care. F*** you, Mr. President. Here I am, living my life,” he said. “I hope they’re taking pictures of us right now. I hope it’s a live feed to the President so he can see just how much I care about the tweets.”

He gave these conspiracy-laden remarks to The New Yorker during a lengthy interview. It is clear that Hunter is a loose cannon and could doom his father’s 2020 prospects. Trump’s campaign should seize on this right now.

Trump has already pointed to Hunter’s other indiscretions and used them to expose the Biden family’s corruption. “They ate us alive and then Biden has some kind of relationship financially or his son with China?” he said.

“Tell me about that! Because China ate the United States economically and it’s a shame,” Trump continued, speaking from the White House. The Bidens aren’t prepared to take on a fighter like Trump next year.

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