BREAKING: Joe Biden Caught Red-Handed In Airplane Conspiracy

Joe Biden is officially expanding his “catch and release” network near the southern American border.

It was recently announced that the number of border crossers and illegal aliens put on buses and planes and shipped to communities throughout America were going to increase.

Biden officials estimate the number of illegal immigrants that will show up at the southern border to be a whopping 500,000 per month.

To normal people, that sounds like a nightmare.

But Joe Biden isn’t thinking like that. No, he sees about 6,000,000 new liberal voters per year climbing over that thing, and it would be SUICIDE for his party to send those voters back.

So they’re not going to.

That’s why Title 42 is gone, and it’s why Catch and Release is being expanded.

In January alone, Biden’s team distributed over 62,500 border crossers and illegal immigrants into American communities.

They say they had nothing to hide, but also did it under the cover of night.

Sounds like they had something to hide.

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