BREAKING: Bette Midler Finally Gets What She Deserves – BOOM

Bette Midler, probably most famous for blocking the plate as George Costanza barreled down the third base line as the tying run, is trying to parlay 15 minutes of Seinfeld fame into political relevance over 25 years later.

Okay, I know she’s done things other than cameo on Seinfeld once, but with the show just recently hitting Netflix, I bet that’s where much of today’s youth recognizes her from.

After learning that Joe “Macho” Manchin would be the only Senate dem to oppose Biden’s “Build Back Better” baloney, Midler took aim at the citizens of West Virginia, calling them “poor, illiterate and strung out.”

Her comments immediately drew fury across America, even drawing attention from big names like Donald Trump and the Republican Governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice.

“There’s no call for it. In all honesty, it’s not tolerated, just period,” Justice asserted. “You know, from the standpoint of what Senator Manchin did, he stepped up, he stepped up and echoed to people West Virginia. The people of West Virginia are hardworking people. The people of West Virginia know what this country is all founded around. It’s not founded around socialism. It’s not founded by the promotion of something that is so arrived that it doesn’t make one bit of sense. It’s founded upon Americans not being average. And with all of that and everything, through all the decades of time, America has risen to the top, have we not? And we’re not going to slip back and Joe Manchin, we are very proud of his vote, and everything to stop this terrible, terrible carnage that’s happening from Washington.”

Perhaps if Midler stopped insulting the fine people of America for one second, and focused on holding onto the ball, she wouldn’t have wasted an absolute cannon of a throw from the outfielder.

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