Bernie Sanders Quitting News… Fans Devastated

Stunning news was just released by Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. His fans are devastated — this could be the end of his White House run.

According to Sanders’ senior adviser, Jeff Weaver, the senator had to cancel campaign events due to being hospitalized for “some chest discomfort.” It was later confirmed that Sanders had a heart attack.

However, Weaver reported that the 78-year-old was “conversing and in good spirits,” despite having to be unexpectedly admitted for emergency care and “diagnosed with a myocardial infarction.”

Sanders’ doctor confirmed the diagnosis — which is just another term for a heart attack — and also said that “two stents were placed in a blocked coronary artery in a timely fashion.”

After his operation, Sanders posted a ‘thank you’ video on social media to his supporters. “I’m feeling so much better,” he said. “Thank you for all of the love and warm wishes that you sent me.”

“See you soon on the campaign trail,” he added. Regardless of one’s political views, it is a wonderful thing that he appears to be on the mend. But it is also fair to wonder whether Sanders is healthy enough to continue running for president.

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