Bernie Sanders HIT IN THE FACE – Video Released

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont was just hit in the face. Video has been released of the incident, and it is going viral. People are stunned.

Boxing is a sport that Sanders should probably stay away from. During a recent appearance at the Ali Center, Sanders attempted to punch a speed bag — but it flew back into his face instead and now social media is in an uproar.

The video doesn’t last long — about four seconds — but that was enough material. Sanders can be seen trying to give a right hook to the bag, however, the bag apparently decided it had enough of the socialist senator.

Chicks on the Right tweeted, “I feel like it’s chock-full of socialist metaphors, you know?” Young Americans Against Socialism joked that Sanders was “taking just  one more swing at ‘real’ socialism.”

As we all know, Sanders and other self-avowed socialists, such as Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, have claimed that we just haven’t tried “real” socialism yet and that’s the problem. Well, we now know what the speed bag had to say about that.

While certainly humorous, it was also a perfect illustration about how, when socialists try to take a jab, reality hits them right back in the face every time. Sanders’ campaign should probably sit this round out.

See the full story here.

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