Bernie Sanders Has Career-Ruining Melt Down – The Mic Was Hot…

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just gifted the Republican Party with a meltdown that reinforced conservatives’ portrayal of him as an angry, senile old Marxist.

While addressing the Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Conference, Sanders erupted into an anti-Trump tirade, firing baseless accusations at the President as well as U.S. voters.

“It gives me no pleasure to tell you that we have a president today who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a homophone, who is a xenophobe and who is a religious bigot,” Sanders claimed.

“I wish I did not have to say that,” Sanders reiterated, “but that is the damn truth, and we gotta say it.”

Not content to stop there, Sanders also unfairly demonized the American people, attributing the failed political campaigns of African Americans Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and Ben Jealous to racism.

“Clearly all of us recognize that we have a long way to go to end the institutional racism which permeates almost every aspect of American society. And that is the bad news that keeps us up at night,” he said.

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