Bernie Sanders Busted – Life-Ruining Discovery

Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president once again, but a life-ruining discovery may have derailed his campaign before it ever really got off the ground.

Belen Sisa, a newly-announced staffer for his 2020 campaign, is an illegal immigrant with a documented history of arrests. This move shouldn’t surprise anyone, given Sanders’ radical views, but Americans won’t take kindly to it.

“I am incredibly excited and honored to announce that I will be joining the Bernie 2020 campaign as National Deputy Press Secretary!” Sisa said in a social media post.

She continued, “I’m ready to continue our fight, finish what we started, and take down the hateful and bigoted administration of Trump. Are you with me?!”

According to reports, Sisa is currently being protected from deportation by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an Obama-era machination that President Trump has worked hard to overturn.

With DACA keeping her in this country, she tweeted on December 16, 2017: “I have been arrested in Washington, D.C. and will refuse to leave jail until @SenSchumer and @RepCurbelo publicly confirm that they have whipped the votes to block any spending bill that does not include a Clean Dream Act.”

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