Bernie Sanders Accused – He’s Guilty As Charged

Senator Bernie Sanders just doesn’t know when to stop talking. Now he’s dug himself into an even deeper hole and is further proving his guilt.

Once again, Sanders is defending Venezuela’s socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, and even claiming that “democratic operations” are occurring in the country. Sanders has even failed to label Maduro as the dictator he clearly is.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Sanders if the United States should intervene “for nations that are under the regimes of these oppressive dictators.” Unsurprisingly, he hedged on this question and went down his typical anti-America path.

“I think sometimes you have unintended consequences when a powerful nation goes in and tells people who their government will be,” Sanders said, after noting he’s “very fearful” about our nation getting involved.

Things got even worse for Sanders once Venezuela became a topic of discussion. Refusing to call Maduro a dictator, Sanders claimed Venezuela’s recent election was “undemocratic,” yet also said, “there are still democratic operations taking place in their country.”

This isn’t the first time Sanders has cozied up to Venezuela’s Marxist leader, and even members of his own party have called him out. “I’ll make it clear, @SenSanders does not reflect the majority of the Democratic Party … Maduro is a dictator and must go,” tweeted Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) recently.

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