Ben Carson caught in shocking scandal – not good

Conservatives are predisposed to distrust the government. That’s because we know that it’s easy for people to spend money that isn’t theirs, and that’s a good portion of what government does. We’ve learned over time that there’s no safe bet: Democrats and Republicans both spend like drunken sailors when they’re in power.

It turns out that someone who most of us on the right tend to like and respect may be guilty of wasting taxpayer money. Ben Carson, the Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary, is accused of having spent $31,000 on dining room furniture for his office.

What’s worse is that his office didn’t get the proper permission for going beyond the typical remodeling budget requirements and that the whistleblower who reported it was demoted. The entire thing is currently under investigation, so I don’t want to speak too quickly, but Republicans need to get the message loud and clear — it’s our money, not government’s. Stop wasting it. (Read More…)

Republican Senators introduce bill to improve U.S. Naval readiness after fatal accidents

In the last few years, the Navy has had some disastrous accidents. In 2017 alone, two collisions occurred and 17 sailors died. It’s time to fix whatever’s causing the problem. It looks like Republicans in the Senate are taking up that task.

Senators McCain and Wicker are the chairmen of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Seapower Subcommittee, respectively. They just introduced legislation to address naval readiness and try to prevent further disasters from occurring. I hope this legislation is successful because we need to protect the lives of our servicemen and women. (Read More…)

Report: Robert Mueller now investigating Trump’s business dealings before he ran for president

And the witch hunt continues… It was always a possibility that the Mueller team could expand its investigation beyond the 2016 presidential election period, but I never thought that would happen. Why? Because going beyond the proper bounds of Mueller’s investigation would make the FBI look terrible. After actively working to exonerate Hillary Clinton, now they’re going to go fishing into Trump’s past for no apparent reason.

Let me be very clear: I don’t care if you like or dislike Trump, I don’t even care if you somehow think Clinton should have been prosecuted. Irrespective of one’s opinion about either of them, this sort of behavior is entirely un-American. No law enforcement agency should ever be rifling through one’s past to look for wrong-doing without probable cause. That’s simply not how the system is meant to function.

And it definitely shouldn’t be misused for political purposes. Mueller and the FBI need to tread carefully here because they could risk seriously upsetting a good portion of Americans and destroying whatever credibility they may have left. (Read More…)

11 people mysteriously fall ill after opening suspicious letter at Fort Myer

What happened yesterday is really scary. At Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, 11 people fell ill and were evacuated after a suspicious envelope was received at their building. About a dozen people were near the envelope and began to suffer a variety of symptoms from burning sensations to a nosebleed. They rapidly evacuated the building and a hazmat crew came in to retrieve the envelope.

They took it to a lab in Quantico to be analyzed, but researchers said they didn’t find any toxic substances in the initial scan. Inside the envelope was apparently some unintelligible scrawlings which gave little insight into who sent it. I hope those involved will be fine and it was only a scare, but this behavior needs to end. When they catch this guy, he needs to be locked up forever. (Read More…)

Supreme Court gives Trump broad powers to detain immigrants

This is a really important case. Justice Alito authored a majority opinion which allows for immigrants and asylum seekers to be detained without the typical barriers of due process. Generally, these detainments lead to deportations, so when legal battles ensue over the detainment, the deportation proceedings have to be put on hold. It delays the process of removing people who should not be here.

Thankfully, the Court with its new member, Associate Justice Niel Gorsuch, came to the correct decision. Non-citizens do not have the same claim to American rights as citizens do. That’s just how it works. If you come here illegally, you don’t get to take advantage of our laws. (Read More…)

Report: 25 are dead after U.S. coalition strike in Syria

It’s never fun having to report about something like this. Unfortunately, an American airstrike in Syria mistakenly claimed the lives of 25 civilians. This, of course, was in no way the intent of the American military. Ridding the country of ISIS is no easy task and the likelihood of collateral damage occurring is virtually guaranteed. Particularly when terrorists often attempt to blend in with civilians to avoid casualties.

President Trump has unleashed the military, returning it to the pre-Obama years where they’re able to engage in combat when they believe it’s necessary. But they have an incredibly difficult job, and they take it very seriously. No one, soldier or American civilians, wants innocent people to be caught in the crossfire, and the military goes to great lengths to avoid that happening.

Sometimes unfortunate events like this are unavoidable. But our soldiers are preventing thousands of additional civilian deaths by removing ISIS, and we need to remember that. (Read More…)

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