Beloved Actor Found Dead – Fans Are Devastated

A beloved TV and movie actor was just found dead, and fans are devastated. People like him simply do not exist in Hollywood anymore, and it’s a tragic loss.

It is being reported that Max Wright, best known for his role on the hit 80s show ‘Alf,’ has passed away after fighting cancer for several years. Wright played the oft-frustrated but nonetheless endearing father on the show.

Fans of the program will remember the hilarious interactions between Wright’s character and Alf, an alien who crash-landed on Earth and has a strange proclivity for meat of the feline variety.

Alf would frequently terrorize the household cat and engage in other zany antics, with Wright’s character acting as the foil. Even so, the two characters grew closer over time and became friends, despite Alf’s misadventures.

The show ran for four years, but it’s had a lasting impact on American pop-culture. There were even plans to reboot the beloved franchise, however, those plans seem to have unfortunately stalled.

While the show featured a silly alien puppet, the family dynamic — centered around bringing in an outsider and making him one of their own — struck a chord with viewers. Wright’s performance played an important role. May he rest in peace.

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