Barr REVERSAL Decision – Media Freaking Out

The mainstream media is freaking out. Attorney General William Barr is on the verge of a decision to reverse their anti-Trump narrative, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

According to Fox News superstar Laura Ingraham, the media and their allies in the Democratic Party are “freaking out” because Barr is “closing in on the foreign players from 2016.”

She said “this all explains” why Democrats “are so determined to stop Trump and smear Barr,” and it’s because they are about to be found out. America will soon see the DC swamp’s tactics in full view.

Ingraham, of course, is talking about former Obama Administration officials, deep-state bureaucrats, and even foreign figures coordinating to spread the false Trump-Russian “collusion” narrative.

This is exactly why Democrats have attempted to get the drop on Trump with an impeachment push, but it isn’t going to work. Attorney General Barr and his team have not been deterred one bit.

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is already in hot water, and his former boss, James Comey, could be next — along with other figures such as former CIA Director John Brennan. It is all about to get blown wide open.

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