Barr Gave The Order – He’s Rounding Up THOUSANDS

Attorney General William Barr just gave the order. He’s rounding up thousands and setting a new record. The report is stunning.

Over the months of April and May, the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ), in cooperation with task forces in all 50 states, brought into custody about 1,700 alleged child predators. It’s a very welcome crackdown on these monsters.

The arrests stem from a DOJ-led sting known as Operation Broken Heart, and it’s carried out by the nationwide task forces established by the DOJ called the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC).

This is one of the primary reasons the DOJ exists: To investigate, prosecute, and arrest the criminals in our society who prey upon the weak and vulnerable. It’s such a stark contrast from what Obama’s DOJ was known far.

Under Obama, the DOJ became known for clandestine operations against political opponents, namely then-candidate Donald Trump, Operation Fast and Furious, and letting Hillary Clinton off the hook for her crimes.

Under Attorney General Barr, the DOJ is returning to its mission and Americans should applaud this move. Our children are the most precious thing we have and they should always be safe and protected from predators.

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