Barr Arrest Notice – Trump Is Piping Mad

Russia conspiracy peddler Adam Schiff announced that the House Intelligence Committee will consider an “enforcement action” next week against Attorney General William Barr.

Schiff, who chairs the committee, has been seeking legal options since Barr defied his subpoena for the fully unredacted Russia probe report and its supporting intelligence materials.

The deadline for the subpoena came Wednesday “without the production of a single document,” Schiff said, “raising profound questions about whether the department has any intention to honor its legal obligations.”

However, Barr contends that Schiff lacks the legal authority to make such a demand.

President Trump pushed back even further by asserting executive privilege over the full report.

Even so, Barr has tried to accommodate Schiff’s wishes as much as possible by offering to give 34 lawmakers access to an almost fully redacted version of the report.

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