Barr Arrest Notice – Shock Alert Rocks D.C.

An arrest notice was just issued and it has rocked Washington, DC. Attorney General William Barr is involved, and everyone is on high alert. This is shocking.

Addressing Barr’s investigation into the Trump-Russia witch-hunt, Sean Hannity said his sources are saying that “he’s taken this job 15 steps further along than anybody knew” and “the word prosecution will be heard a lot more often.”

While Democrats are working desperately to keep the Trump ‘collusion’ prob alive, which is something they’ve pushed for the past two and half years, Barr is unraveling it all before their very eyes. Don’t be surprised if we see arrests soon.

“It seems to me that the attorney general is going to take this piece by piece, bit by bit, and he is going to go methodically slowly, get to the bottom of it,” said Hannity. This is exactly what Barr has been doing since becoming AG in February.

Already, he’s appointed a special attorney, U.S. Attorney John Denham, to dig deep into the origins of the Obama Administration’s witch-hunt against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Denham is hard at work investigating the intelligence community’s involvement and big names like James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper are back in the spotlight. The abuse of “FISA in particular,” said Hannity, is being looked at strongly.

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