Barack Obama’s REAL Identity Revealed… Finally

Obama’s true identity: a climate change fraudster. Would a guy who really believes in climate change invest $15 million on an estate that he believes will soon be -literally- underwater?

Climate change may occur in some form. But what we know for sure is that fraudsters spread hysteria while living the high life.

Barack and Michelle Obama have long been talking about climate change and rising ocean levels. Funny how they bought a $15 million house right on the coast.

Climate change activists are often nothing more than frauds and grifters. That includes the Obamas, as well as people like Leonardo DiCaprio who fly around in their private jets.

In fact, rich activists have a much larger impact on the environment than the average person. The Paris climate talks alone will emit 300,000 tons of CO2.

The lifestyle of the rich is what does the most damage to the environment. But instead of cutting back their lavish lifestyle they want us “commoners” to bear the burden. It is time for people like Obama and his ilk to be held accountable.

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