Bahamas Leader Makes Shock Trump Announcement

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis praised the United States for its help in handling the destruction of Hurricane Dorian, saying that U.S. assistance likely reduced the death toll, which is currently at 30.

“From day one, the United States was in our territory assisting us with all of our needs. Had it not been for the United States we would not have been advanced this far in the entire process,” Minnis told CNN AC360 host Anderson Cooper.

“Even though our death numbers, we expect they [will] increase, had the United States not come in quickly… our death numbers would be even more,” the Bahamas leader added.

This has to stick in the craw of Cooper and other liberal TV news hosts. Even though it would mean more lives lost, you know they were hoping President Donald Trump would do a poor job with the U.S. response so they could attack and blame him for being incompetent.

But it seems like Trump actually cares about helping our allies and friends around the world and protecting our own people from disasters like Dorian. It’s not just about doing a good job to get re-elected, it’s about doing what’s right and treating people like human beings.

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