Bad News For Robert Mueller – Trump Did It

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump and his campaign associates is finally coming to a close, but not without a parting shot from Trump himself.

William Barr, Trump’s new attorney general, will receive a final report from Mueller and prepare to brief Congress. For his part, Barr has said, “I believe there may be discretion there about what the attorney general can put in that report.”

As a result, Democrats are nervous that their hysterics over the past two years not only won’t pay off, but they won’t even get all of the details they so desperately want in a private briefing.

Democrats have already enlisting six House chairman to demand in a letter that Barr “release to the public the report Special Counsel Mueller submits to you,” and the pressure is only going to get worse.

On the Senate side, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) said, “I think the American people deserve to know the truth. As Thomas Jefferson used to say, ‘if the people know the truth, they won’t make a mistake.'”

But with more control in the hands of Attorney General Barr than Democrats would like to admit, they are just going to have to wait and see. Those of us who know this investigation has been a sham from the start will enjoy watching them squirm.

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