Bad News For Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta may have thought he won the battle with the White House over revoking his press pass – but it turns out it was only round one.

The Daily Caller is reporting that the “White House sent a letter to Acosta notifying him that his pass granting him temporary access to the White House grounds would be suspended after a temporary restraining order runs its course.” In other words, it ain’t over.

Acosta had regained access to the White House after a judge granted him a temporary injunction. The judge was clear however, that the temporary ruling didn’t offer an opinion on whether Acosta had a 1st Amendment right to be at the White House.

It sounds like the Trump administration is planning on making sure that Acosta won’t have unfettered access to the White House in the future, and considering his track record of disgraceful behavior, that’s a good thing for America.

Read the full story here.

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