Bad News For Donald Trump Jr.

As the Mueller investigation grinds on, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Robert Mueller is willing to do anything to entrap, bully and intimidate witnesses. That could be bad news for the President’s first son, Don Jr.

Legal expert Jeffrey Cramer appeared on Fox News to say just that. Cramer said:

“So if you’re one of those people in the Trump Organization who has talked to either Mr. Mueller or a congressional hearing and you toed the line––in other words, you said the same lies that Mr. Cohen did––I think you’re having a nervous night tonight.

When asked by the host: “Are you referring to Donald Trump Jr. or others?” Cramer replied, “I think Donald Trump Jr. is certainly one. That’s a logical inference.”

Of course, it all depends on what Don Jr. said in his interview with Mueller. The bigger issue is this: Mueller is setting perjury traps in a blatant effort to manufacture wrongdoing where there was none. That’s a troubling trend for all Americans.

Update: Incoming House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff says: We are going through the witness transcripts right now. Looking at Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony, looking at Jared Kushner’s testimony, looking at the testimony of Felix Sater, and others to determine, okay, what does this tell us about their truthfulness, what missing pieces does this fill in, what other documents should we pursue when we have the opportunity, who needs to come back to committee, who else do we need to raise a concern with the special counsel in terms of truthfulness?”

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