Attorney General EXPLODES On Mueller – Wow

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker wasn’t a questioner during Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, but he posed a question for Robert Mueller during an interview on Wednesday’s Fox&Friends.

“Why, in Part 2, did he just punt and really kind of make it someone else’s problem to deal with?” he asked, speaking about obstruction of the investigation. Whitaker added that he didn’t see any actionable evidence of obstruction in the report.

Of course, Whitaker knows why Mueller didn’t come out and say that there was no evidence that could lead to a conviction–because he was trying to cause problems for Trump.

Maybe because Mueller’s top staff included persons loyal to Hillary Clinton, the Mueller tried to be as ambiguous as possible and point to some sort of wrongdoing that didn’t really exist.

It’s the usual doublespeak that politicians and lawyers use when they don’t want the plain truth to come out. Too bad it didn’t work they way they hoped in this case.

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