Attorney General Decision – Jeff Sessions Returns

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has returned to the spotlight and dropped a bombshell. His revelation just shocked the DC establishment.

At an event in Las Vegas aired by none other than MSNBC, Sessions defended Attorney General Williams Barr’s characterizing the Obama administration’s efforts to meddle with Trump’s campaign as “spying.”

Sessions said, “I think spying is a perfectly good word.” Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was also in attendance and backed Barr as well.

Democrats are losing and they know it. If they can’t keep a lid on this news, especially on a far-left network like MSNBC, the Obama administration’s entire war on Trump will be exposed.

This will certainly have implications for former President Obama himself, but also former FBI Director James Comey and his lackeys at the Department of Justice.

Let’s also not forget about Hillary Clinton, who was let off the hook by Comey for breaking the law and almost assuredly benefited from the FBI’s spying on Trump. It’s over for the DC swamp.

Read the full story here.

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