BREAKING: Fox News Host ATTACKED – Fans Shocked…

It’s Tucker Carlson versus the New York Times, and it’s time for you to pick a side.

Tucker Carlson’s claims that white South-African farmers are being singled out have been labelled as a “far-right” conspiracy theory by the New York Times.

There’s just one problem with the New York Times attempting to debunk Carlson.

South African farmers are ABSOLUTELY being singled out.

Unfortunately for Carlson, he’s not without fault either.

While what he said was mostly true, there’s no question that he exaggerated for effect, a plan that ended up having the exact opposite impact.

Perhaps the New York Times would have been fine if they had just pointed out the things that Tucker was exaggerating, but by contradicting his entire story, they became the villain.

James Myburgh, the editor of South African news website PoliticsWeb, was forced to write a rebuttal to all of the misinformation published by the New York Times.

“There was certainly a lack of precision in Carlson’s framing of the situation in South Africa in his segments, but Confessore manages, in his long-researched response, to lever in a number of far more questionable claims.

In his segment, which aired in May 2018, Carlson misstated the point that had been reached in the process – a constitutional amendment [to expropriate land from whites without compensation] had been initiated by a vote of a super-majority in the National Assembly – but it was not yet law. He was not wrong about the intentions behind it.

Most apartheid-era dispossessions had already been reversed. The EFF and ANC RET faction’s push for a constitutional amendment had little to do with this process of redressing old apartheid-era wrongs. As documented above it was explicitly aimed at achieving an overtly chauvinistic black nationalist project of dispossessing white South Africans on the basis of their race.

Whatever his motives, at this critical moment Carlson was one of the very few leading US journalists using his platform to at least try and throw a wrench into the dispossession process. US elites in the media and state department were, by contrast, neither reporting on it critically, nor seeking to obstruct it. After Trump’s tweet forced the issue into the American public debate however those same elites responded by unleashing a quite extraordinary barrage of highly coordinated racial propaganda.

What was evident here was the ongoing and unspoken conspiracy between African nationalists and their Western apologists to see the continent purged of yet another productive immigrant people, even at the price of South Africa’s economic ruination.

Tucker Carlson can no doubt be criticized on other matters, but in this debate it is his US critics who really need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror.”

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