BREAKING: Tragic Trump Family Bombshell – Attack Shocks Nation…

J.D. Vance wants the world to know just how popular Donald Trump really is.

It’s shocking just how many people have attacked Donald over the years.

And how he’s defeated just about every single one.

Think about it, some of the biggest and baddest people in the world have spent much of their recent lives trying to destroy Donald J., but the man is just as popular as ever.

“It’s very interesting because, like you said, I wasn’t a big Trump guy in 2016,” Vance began.

“I did not expect him to deliver on a lot of the promises that he made, and I was very proud to be proven wrong. I think a lot of conservatives actually saw the president and action and, importantly, solving incredible corruption that came against him. I’ve never seen a political leader in my life where so many powerful people tried to destroy him, tried to destroy his family, and it made me think, ‘Wow, there really is something important about this movement. There’s something important about what this guy is doing in the country.’ And I think the president realizes that I’m actually a convert on this stuff, right?”

“I was not an early fan of his,” Vance concluded. “But I came around, and I have been a great advocate of what he’s been talking about and what he’s been trying to accomplish in this country. And so, [I’m] very proud to have the president’s trust on this because you’re absolutely right — [I] was not always on his side, but very proud to be on his side down now and proud to have him on my side of this race.”

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