Shock attack on Trump family

President Trump’s victories have exposed so many liberals as whiners, liars, hypocrites, rude and angry people. And it just gets worse as time goes on.

On Anderson Cooper’s  AC360, Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s legal analyst, had some choice words about President Trump’s advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Toobin said that Kushner only has his job because he’s part of the “lucky sperm club.” 

First of all, isn’t everyone successful because they were lucky to some degree in life? Either you were born a great athlete, a genius, or maybe you were lucky to be born into wealth. Toobin’s comment was stupid, and it was meant to be demeaning to someone he has never even met. But that’s par for the course with liberals, isn’t it? (Read More…)

Donald Trump tells the DOJ to ban ‘bump stocks’

We all know about the two most recent serious unprovoked attacks on the American public. The first was in Las Vegas where almost 60 people were murdered, and then just last week in Florida when 17 students were killed by a madman. It isn’t too surprising that many Americans, including the students in Parkland, Florida are clamoring for gun reform.

In response, President Trump has noted that he’s open to more stringent background checks and now he’s suggested banning bump stocks. Bump stocks essentially allow the user to shoot semi-automatic rifle rounds in rapid succession by using the weapon’s recoil to “pull” the trigger for the operator.

Most people did not expect this from President Trump, and we still don’t know if anything will come of his sentiment just yet. Hopefully, it won’t happen, but if it’s the price paid to prevent more fundamental losses of our Second Amendment rights, it could be worse. (Read More…)

At least 260 dead, including children, as Syrian civil war intensifies

For a while, there was a bit of a lull in the Syrian civil war. Assad looked as though he was about to fall, and most of the world was wondering who would fill the power vacuum. In the last few years though, the Russians have stepped in to “stabilize” the area by arming the Assad regime and then personally intervening with troops on the ground in Syria.

As the tables turned and the rebels started to take major losses, the fighting became very intense. In the last few months, most of the fighting has centered around Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, the only place in the area where rebels still have a foothold.

In one of the most deadly days of the entire war, at least 260 people were killed on Sunday in airstrikes. Assad’s forces attacked the village of Kafr Batna and the surrounding villages with aircraft, artillery, and barrel bombs from helicopters. It’s a truly hellish war, and we can only pray that it comes to a conclusion soon. (Read More…)

Billboard with violent threat against NRA members goes viral

It looks like this might be the new front in the culture war for liberals. They may well be coming for gun owners. On a billboard in Kentucky of all places, a message was written for all passersby: “Kill the NRA.”

What liberals won’t acknowledge is that the NRA is so big and influential because a huge portion of Americans believe in the Second Amendment, and do not want their constitutional God-given rights infringed. It’s not some rich corporate lobby, it’s a collection of concerned and interested citizens who want to protect themselves, their country, and their way of life.

Liberals need to recognize what the real problems are and stop focusing on the NRA. Law abiding gun owners are not to blame for these massacres. (Read More…)

Beloved preacher Billy Graham passes away at age 99

What a sad day. On Wednesday, Reverend Billy Graham passed away just one year before reaching an entire century here on Earth. What an incredible life he had.

Graham changed America religiously, spiritually, and even politically. For over 70 years he preached and advised public figures and politicians — including six presidents beginning with Harry Truman.

He helped form conservative voting coalitions and spear-headed anti-abortion legislation. Graham loved people and loved God. His tombstone will supposedly read “Preacher of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.” May Graham’s family find peace after their loss. (Read More…)

Clarence Thomas rebukes California and 9th Circuit over gun control

Clarence Thomas is a legend. In a somewhat irritated dissent to a petition for certiorari (this is how the Supreme Court decides whether it will rule on a case), Thomas scolded his fellow justices for not defending the Second Amendment. Two recent cases have painstakingly made it through the lower courts, only to be rejected by the Supreme Court. Thomas accused the Court of bias against the Second Amendment.

Rather than taking a difficult case and strengthening very sound and persuasive case law protecting gun rights, the Court has chosen to deny certiorari to avoid controversy. For the people and parties associated with those cases, however, an enormous amount of time, money, and energy has been wasted trying to strengthen Second Amendment law.

It’s truly upsetting, and Thomas is right on. But that’s Thomas for you: an unrelenting, courageous, and consistent Justice. (Read More…)

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