Just in: at least 5 are dead

The Islamic State has struck again. Although they’ve been getting beaten up in the Middle East, they can still launch or support low-tech attacks that cause serious damage.

On Sunday, a Muslim militant named Khalil al-Dagestani opened fire in an Orthodox church in the Dagestan region of Russia, just as mass was finishing up. He killed 5 and wounded many others.

Russia isn’t a country to suffer such attacks without response, so I’m sure they’ll be hitting back soon. No matter who is involved, innocent non-combatants should never be the targets of violence. This behavior is simply atrocious and unforgivable. (Read More…)

Report: Turks may have used chemical weapons against the Kurds

First, it was Syria while former President Obama was in office, and now the Turks are being accused of using chemical weapons. Recent reports from the region indicate that the Turkish military used poison gas in an attack against Kurdish forces in the Afrin region of Syria. Those reports say that at least six civilians have been hospitalized. If this is true, the Turks could be in trouble, particularly Turkish President Erdogan.

The Kurds are about the closest thing we have to an ally in the Middle East (outside of Israel of course). They hold remarkably Western attitudes about, for instance, women and government. They’ve been relentlessly oppressed throughout the region, and this latest chemical weapons attack just adds to the horror of their situation. When will this madness come to an end? (Read More…)

Assassination plot against Israeli defense minister foiled, terrorists arrested

Terrorist elements in Russia may have succeeded this weekend, but they failed in Israel. According to Shin Bet, Israel’s version of the FBI combined with the Secret Service, police apprehended two members of an Islamic terror cell who were plotting to assassinate Avigdor Liberman, the Defense Minister.

The two men were from Bethlehem. One was 25 and the other 32. They planned to attack Liberman while he was traveling near the West Bank in Israel by using an improvised explosive device — the sort of weapon that has killed or wounded countless Americans in Iraq. Liberman was targeted for being a serious opponent of terrorist organizations. Looks like he won this round. (Read More…)

New photo of Melania and Donald Trump destroys media narrative

For weeks, months even, we’ve heard conspiracy theories about how Melania secretly hates Donald Trump. The liberal media and other commentators have insisted that she’s a part of the #resistance, that the clothes she wears, where she chooses to sit, or what travel plans she makes, are indications that the first couple’s marriage is on the rocks.

But of course, there’s really no reason to believe this nonsense. In fact, a picture taken on Friday of the couple at Mar-A-Lago makes the whole conspiracy look absurd. In this photo, Melania is resting her hand on President Trump’s arm while he’s sitting next to her with his hand on her knee.

President Trump and Melania had just finished visiting some Florida school shooting survivors as well as the Sheriff’s Department for Broward County. Maybe people can just leave the First Family alone for a little while so they can take a tiny break from the burdens of high office. (Read More…)

Soros empire grows as son Alex Soros donates huge amounts to Democrat campaigns

Unsatisfied with his current efforts to undermine democratic countries throughout the world, Soros has struck again. Even worse, his son is now in on the game, and he’s getting ready to take over the Soros empire. It was just revealed that Alex Soros, George’s 32-year-old son, donated $650,000 to Democrat candidates and organizations in 2017.

On top of that, Alex donated $4.5 million to Democrat committees in 2016. It would be wonderful if the Soros family would just quietly enjoy their hedge fund profits, and stop trying to undermine the very systems which allow them to be so wealthy. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly hired an armed guard to protect her family – but wants more gun control

Megyn Kelly jumped on board the gun control train with a long rant on gun culture after the Florida shooting. She said she believes pistols and rifles need to be made less accessible. She argued that the NRA is too powerful and our politicians are too weak to enact laws she believes are necessary to prevent shootings like the one in Florida.

So does she practice what she preaches? I think you know where this is going. Kelly hired an armed guard to protect her and her family while they enjoyed Disney World. Apparently using guns for protection is ok for Kelly and her family.

Evil or mentally unstable people can and will continue to do bad things. Whether they use bombs, guns, cars, or knives, they can and will kill people if they’re determined enough. We can do our best to prevent shootings, but we shouldn’t disarm law-abiding citizens who merely want to protect themselves.

Kelly should know this, and she’s a hypocrite for giving some impassioned speech for ratings while doing just the opposite in real life. (Read More…)

3 disturbing facts about mass school shootings that change everything

Many of you have heard this before: “More armed security and teachers would help to prevent school shootings.” It’s been said for years, but rarely are security measures enforced to prevent these types of shootings. Why?

The answer is simple. Most people aren’t looking at three characteristics of school shootings that are essential to understanding how to prevent them. School shootings are (1) mass executions, which are (2) committed by dedicated planners, for (3) social recognition.

If policymakers and Americans understood this, it might just be possible to implement real reforms and save lives. (Read More…)

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