Assassination threat made against Donald Trump

President Trump’s 2016 electoral victory caused quite a few liberals to blow a gasket, apparently. He and his family have received numerous death threats, while other Republicans like Rep. Steve Scalise have been attacked (and nearly killed) because they advocate for conservative policies. This is why law enforcement rightly takes threats made against politicians very seriously.

A man named Joseph Lynn Pickett admitted to making online threats against the president and was sentenced last week to six months in jail. He’ll also be required to undergo mental health treatment and substance abuse counseling. Pickett made detailed threats saying that Trump sold America “to the Russians” and that he needed a “blade to the neck.”

This is why the media should be ashamed for propagating the notion that Trump is some Russian puppet, or that he even colluded with Russians to win the election. There’s no evidence for these claims, and when the media reports as though they were true, it encourages unstable people like Pickett to think about and possibly commit violent acts. (Read More…)

Feds arrest 145 illegal immigrants in 7-day operation

It’s just amazing how effective immigration law can be when it’s enforced. With President Trump in office there’s finally some attention being paid to criminal illegals, and the results are impressive.

In Texas, Federal ICE agents engaged in a 7-day-long operation that netted 145 arrests. Of the 145 illegal aliens detained, 86 had prior criminal convictions in the U.S. and 61 had already been deported at least once. Among the group, there were people convicted of driving while under the influence, child molestation, drug trafficking, burglary, and a variety of other offenses. It’s little wonder why people from regions with high criminality in illegal-immigrant populations were fed up with the lack of interest from the federal government. Thankfully, that nonsense is in the past. (Read More…)

Michelle Obama gets called out after making blatantly false claims about ‘Black Panther’ movie

Michelle Obama has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth. Remember when Barack was campaigning and Michelle said it was the first time in her adult life that she felt proud of her country? How about when your country defeated communism and the Berlin Wall fell, or when it rose again in unity after 9/11? Really classy, Michelle.

Well here’s another “first,” apparently. After watching the current blockbuster movie “Black Panther,” Michelle tweeted to the cast, “Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen.” She is, of course, referring to black superheroes. But the Black Panther isn’t the first black superhero on the big screen – not by a long shot. For instance, Will Smith starred in Hancock and Wesley Snipes in Blade. Sorry guys, apparently you’ve been erased from movie history. (Read More…)

Eric Trump says his father is healing the nation after tragic school shooting

It’s now been a week and a half since the absolutely disgusting attack in Parkland, Florida. We all now know how a mentally disturbed young man decided to murder 17 of his former classmates at a high school in the Sunshine State. Calls for gun control have been made by people from all over the country, including some students at Marjory Stoneham Douglass.

President Trump seems to understand that in times like this, he has to play a role that he might not otherwise accept. Because the Parkland community is so distraught, and the situation is so tense, the President is naturally a target of their anger.  But Trump set up a meeting with some of the families and community members and took a bit of a rhetorical beating. It’s impossible not to respect the president for his courage and the efforts he made to try and help the victims.

This is exactly what Eric Trump acknowledged during an interview on The Ingraham Angle this week. He said he was proud of his father for taking the first steps necessary to heal this country after the shooting. I couldn’t agree more, Eric. (Read More…)

Bannon-backed Senate candidate gets called out for attacking Ivanka Trump

Danny Tarkanian is running in the Nevada Republican primary against the incumbent Senator, Dean Heller. Tarkanian, who is backed and supported by the disgraced Steve Bannon, has attacked Heller, claiming that the senator is too liberal at least in part because of Heller’s relationship to Ivanka Trump. During a radio interview, Tarkanian said that Heller speaks with Ivanka all the time, and then continued to say that Ivanka is “very very moderate to liberal.”

Unfortunately for Tarkanian, Ivanka is adored by Republicans, enjoying a remarkably high approval rating exceeding 80%. Tarkanian decided to retract and clarify his statements later on to mitigate the damage, but it may have been too late. We won’t know until the primary is over, of course, but his comments seem to have backfired. (Read More…)

Jury says Texas Democrat is guilty of multiple felonies – including fraud

The jury is in, and he’s going to prison. On Thursday, State Sen. Carlos Uresti was convicted of 11 felony charges including fraud and money laundering. Not a good look, Democrats. Uresti was indicted over a year ago and his trial took months to conclude, but he’s finally going to be serving time.

The former senator convinced investors to provide enormous sums of money to a failing business called Four Winds Logistics by leveraging his influence and credibility as a politician. Fourwinds then went bankrupt, taking the savings of the investors with it. Pretty despicable behavior if you ask me. Now Uresti has decades worth of prison time to look forward to, and he’s certainly earned them. (Read More…)

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