Assassination SHOCKER – Entire World Is Stunned

As Saturday Night Live’s new season got underway, Michael Che broached the topic of President Donald Trump’s impeachment during his Weekend Update segment. Trouble is, he took it a little too far.

“It’s gonna take another year or so [to impeach Trump] and I was like, ‘well, damn, that sucks,'” Che said. “‘Let’s get drunk.’”

“It’s frustrating. You know, I bet somebody explained how long impeachment takes to John Wilkes Booth, and he was like, ‘O.K., well, where’s [Lincoln] at right now?’”

Of course, mainstream media outlets (WaPo, Slate, Salon, Vox, BuzzFeed, HuffPo) thought jokes about Trump getting assassinated were fine, apparently, since they didn’t publish a word about SNL being wrong to do so.

The same outlets have accused Trump of inciting violence for saying he wants to know who the whistleblower is. Just when you thought the hypocrisy couldn’t get any more blatant.

See the SNL video here.


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