Assassination Bombshell – Police Rush In…

An assassination bombshell just dropped, and the police had to rush in. There’s no telling where this all might lead, but one thing’s for sure: The perpetrator is in huge trouble with the law.

From a now-deleted Twitter account, 52-year-old Joseph Cecil Vandevere has been indicted from threatening Qasim Rashid, a Democratic candidate for the Virginia Senate.

In the post, Vandevere called Rashid “INBRED MUSLIM SCUM” and also said “VIEW YOUR DESTINY” accompanied by a shocking photo of someone hanging from a tree.

Vandevere also said in the same tweet that the two should “MEET SO YOU CAN RUN THAT COWARD MOUTH TO MY FACE.” Rashid reported the incident to Twitter and the FBI got involved.

Regardless of political differences, it is never okay to physically threaten someone or lash out using derogatory language. Vandevere is now facing up to five years in prison for his behavior.

Seeing how quickly Twitter and the FBI acted, we would hope that they’d have the same concern when a conservative candidate or official is attacked online with such ferocity. Let’s hope they do.

Read the full story here.

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