Arrest Notice Issued – Comey Is Panicking…

A stunning arrest notice was just issued. Former FBI Director James Comey must be panicking right now — his web of deceit is about to be unraveled.

Appearing on the One America News Network (OAN), retired U.S. Army Reserve Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer shared his take on the investigation into the origins of the witch-hunt against President Trump. Arrests could be on the way.

“Criminal charges and indictments is the thing I’m hearing,” said Lt. Col. Shaffer in an interview with OAN’s Jack Posobeic. This was Shaffer’s response after Posobeic noted there could be a grand jury involved in the near future.

This is terrible news for Comey and other high-ranking intelligence officials who were hoping to carry out their clandestine persecution of Trump under the cover of government action, specifically their abuse of FISA warrants.

The probe into so-called Trump-Russia ‘collusion,’ which started with the Obama Administration, has completely backfired. Now Attorney General William Barr is calling the shots and is committed to exposing illegal activity.

In fact, when it comes to Comey’s FBI, Shaffer said that information was intentionally left out of their FISA request. “It was lying by omission to the FISA court, which, again, is a departure from procedure and illegal.”

See the full story here.

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