Arrest Notice – Elizabeth Warren Has Been…

At this point, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has no doubt been made aware of a potentially explosive news story affecting her campaign: one of her supporters was arrested at her campaign event after he allegedly assaulted Trump supporters who were there to peacefully protest the socialist policies of Warren.

A group of Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats were being escorted out when the crazed Democrat allegedly lunged at them and tried to grab one of their cell phones. He also tried to strike them with his fists, one Trump supporter said.

This sort of thing has become far too common at political rallies as people unable to cope with the President’s 2016 victory lash out at those who voted for him and gave him a lopsided 304 to 227 vote win in the Electoral College.

To make matters worse, officials at the rally did not allow the media to talk to the man. He was arrested and promptly removed from the premises. One can only imagine the things he might have said – some quite incriminating – had he been given the chance to speak to the media.

The event was sparsely attended, with only about 2,000 people inside the venue, according to Warren’s campaign. By comparison, Trump’s rallies can bring in tens of thousands, many of whom wait outside for hours or even days ahead of time to see the President speak.

What happened at Warren’s rally should serve as a wake-up call to politicians. People on both sides are upset and tempers are flaring. As President Trump has pointed out, we are all Americans. Now is the time to unite and work together — and peacefully — to keep our country great.

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