U.S. General Reveals Disturbing Truth About Obama

General John Nicholson just called it like it is. After years of President Obama’s weak and aimless foreign policy, we now have a president in charge who is willing to defend America at home and abroad. Gen. Nicholson said that between 2011 and 2016 (during Obama’s tenure) America was essentially telling the Taliban in Afganistan that we were leaving, and that we had lost our will to win the war.

This inspired the Taliban, and eventually ISIS (another President Obama creation) to reestablish a foothold in Afghanistan. President Trump, by contrast, isn’t ready to let our enemies win. As it now stands, Gen. Nicholson believes our current foreign policy sends the message that “we now have the will to succeed.”

Under this president we do, General. (Read More…)

Singer Morrissey says he would kill President Trump for ‘humanity’

There are so many instances where a celebrity will say or do something so stupid that we all think “this is why Trump won in 2016.” Liberals, however, seem unable to stop doing these ridiculous and idiotic things.

We see this once again in the British singer, Morrissey, telling Der Spiegel magazine that he would kill President Trump if he could. When asked if he would push a button that would immediately kill the President, Morrissey responded: “I would, for the safety of humanity.”

It’s incomprehensible how anyone thinks this sort of rhetoric or opinion is defensible. Kathy Griffin’s beheaded Trump picture was similarly absurd; at least she took heat for it.

Morrissey has a history of saying incoherent and dumb things, so he’ll likely remain unphased. (Read More…)

Producer: Corey Haim sexually abused by Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson

The Hollywood sex scandals show no signs of stopping. Now-deceased actor Corey Haim’s story is a particularly hard one to hear. Film producer Ed Meyer has corroborated the stories about Haim early in his acting career. Meyer’s most explosive claim is that Charlie Sheen and Michael Jackson abused and may have even raped Haim.

Meyer’s story, if true, isshocking. What counts as “shocking” is quickly changing, however, with each story of abuse and sexual misconduct that surfaces almost every day. We can only hope this behavior begins to change due to all of these horrible revelations. As a society, we have no other choice. (Read More…)

President Trump calls for welfare reform

Finally some good news! President Trump is planning to undo some Obama-era changes to the welfare system. What President Trump wants to do is reinstitute policies that the GOP congress and President Clinton enacted back in the 1990’s.

President Clinton’s so-called “workfare,” (welfare benefits that one receives when they work for a certain amount of time per week), was a change to the system that had been in place through the Clinton and George W. Bush years. Unsurprisingly, President Obama believed it was too harsh and reversed it, creating a very permissive welfare policy that is prone to abuse.

Trump is done with that nonsense, and he’s ready to usher in a better system. (Read More…)

Ivanka Trump: Kids ‘should be off limits’ to the media

There’s no doubt Ivanka Trump has a good head on her shoulders. We may disagree with her from time to time, but she definitely has common sense. She said last week that kids, particularly “first kids” (children of presidents) should be off-limits to the media. Rather than making a spectacle out of every silly or stupid thing a young person does, the media should respect the privacy of these children.

Ivanka’s comments were in relation to a video taken of Malia Obama that showed her smoking and kissing a boy. Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with the young lady’s behavior, we all realize that she shouldn’t have her entire life broadcast for the entire nation. It’s not fair to any child, no matter who their parents are. (Read More…)

Roy Moore bounces back in polls as election nears

Despite many accusations of sexual misconduct and some credible evidence to support them, Roy Moore still seems likely to win the Alabama Senate race in which he is a candidate. A recent Sky Research poll has Moore up by over 7 points above Doug Jones, his Democrat opposition.

The accusations against Moore are difficult to hear, and his accusers generally don’t seem to be politically motivated.

Even with all of that baggage, Moore seems to be a more attractive candidate than Jones. Maybe that’s just how much Alabama dislikes Democrats. It’s hard to blame them, isn’t it? (Read More…)

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