Anthony Weiner Sex Offender Notice – Oh No

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York is in trouble again. Hillary isn’t around to help him anymore, and he won’t be able to escape the consequences of this shocking notice.

According to reports, on the heels of being released from prison after serving his sentence for ‘sexting’ an underage girl, he failed to appear for an appointment to register as a sex offender.

One source said, “He was arrogant in [federal court]. He’s fully aware he has 10 days to appear. He … gave no excuses on why he skipped his appearance.”

Weiner’s behavior should surprise no one. Even after being completely shamed for his reprehensible acts, he still believes that he’s above the law. Perverted liberals never change.

Instead, he would rather give lip service to being a changed man. “I hope to be able to live a life of integrity and service. I’m glad this chapter of my life is behind me,” said Weiner after his release.

It appears that Weiner will always be his own worst enemy. His failure to comply with the law should serve as a reminder that Democrats have two standards: One for them and another for everyone else.

Read the full story here.

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