BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Secret Found In Hunter’s Laptop – Proof Shocks Nation

It just keeps getting worse and worse for the Bidens.

First, the laptop was confirmed to be Hunter’s, which showed he was involved in illegal activities.

But the slacker son being a bozo is one thing. Now we have PROOF Daddy Joe benefited from the illegal deals learned about on Hunter’s laptop.

Peter Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute. He also claims his organization has a copy of Hunter’s laptop and “all the files. It confirms that Joe Biden was a direct beneficiary.”

Schweizer explained how his group cross-referenced Hunter’s emails with government records and came up with only one logical conclusion: Joe’s as dirty as Hunter is.

“GAI asked, ‘How can we demonstrate whether the emails are real?’ … We already have, for example, Hunter Biden’s Secret Service travel records. They were released by Senator Johnson’s committee. These are the official records that say the Secret Service traveled with Hunter to this location, to that location, etcetera.

So we asked, ‘Do the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop correspond with the travel records?’ If our email references that Hunter is in Dubai on a certain date, does that line up with the Secret Service travel records? Absolutely, 100 percent.

So there is no question. Of course Hunter Biden hasn’t denied it. But there’s no question that the laptop emails that we have possession of are 100 percent accurate and correspond directly with existing material, and the information is devastating.”

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  5. Biden should legitimately be impeached and removed however being lowlife scumbags that they are democrat congress won’t do it.

  6. Well what are you doing about that crook at 1600 Penn Ave? If it were djt you would have handcuffs ready.

  7. What is new with this guy. Same Joe making money while talking about the poor. Another Nixon. Where are the real journalist in the country. Time for two of them to make a name for selves. Stand up and be counted.

  8. Everyone knows the depth of Biden’s crookedness. How do you think his worthless son became such a crook? The question is, when is something going to be done about it? The office Biden holds (more crookedness) does not exempt him from being charged for his criminal activity. Where are all the Republicans? Why aren’t they insisting that the justice department do its job?

  9. Ok so sleepy Joe is as corrupt as his bozo son…we all knew it from the start… now the question is what is being done about it? If this were Trump he would be hung by his thumbs in a public square…i for one is disgusted n tired of the DOUBLE STANDARD…bring criminal charges against both Joe n his son…give them a fair trial n if proven GUILTY put them in JAIL !!!! Where is big mouth disgusting Pelosi now? Where is shifty Schiff with his lying accusations now? No whistleblower for illegitimate Biden n his CORRUPT FAMILY…he n that disgusting Kamala are snakes living in the swamp….listen up swamp creatures 2022 is coming n the decent people of this country WILL TAKE

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