BREAKING: Anthony Fauci FINALLY Gets What He Deserves – Announcement Stuns…

Florida State Representative and candidate for Florida’s 7th congressional district Anthony Sabatini revealed what he is going to do when he gets elected to congress.

Spoiler alert: Fauci’s going down.

Sabatini’s agenda is simple: One, end COVID tyranny. Two, investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci as well as the others who were involved in destroying America’s economy in response to COVID.

“What the Democrat leadership has done, what Pelosi has done, is so far left from where the Democrat Party even was a few years ago [was] that I think these people are scared,” Sabatini said, referring to the fact that his opponent, Democrat Stephanie Murphy, already withdrew her name from the 2022 midterm.

COVID tyranny needs to end, Fauci’s going down, and the January 6 Committee is “an enormous waste of taxpayer resources.” Those are the ideas Sabatini is running on. A real common-sense platform.

“How could they possibly focus on this ridiculous hoax committee when you have all these really serious material issues on trade, obviously a botched withdrawal on Afghanistan, inflation, all these other issues that are actually relevant to people’s lives, has prices, and this is what they’re focused on?”

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