BREAKING: Invasion Announcement Surprises Joe Biden – Americans Stunned…

The head of Ukraine’s National Security Council has dismissed the possibility of any further Russian invasion into the country, contradicting Joe Biden’s demands for Americans to flee the country.

Oleksiy Danilov told reporters that Ukraine sees “no grounds” to believe a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine is imminent.

This is in direct opposition to Biden’s administration, who predicted that Russian leader Putin would soon invade Ukraine and that America would NOT aid Ukraine if Russia attempted a “minor incursion.”

Danilov was willing to admit that Russian troop presence near Ukraine has increased, but that such a thing isn’t uncommon during times of minor tension.

“We are recording it, but there’s nothing strange for us. It’s a surprise for our foreign partners that they have finally seen that there are Russian troops there, that they are moving in a certain way. This whole thing has been developing since October 30, when the Washington Post released its report”

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