American LEGEND Found Dead – Millions Mourning

A National Guard soldier who was shot in the head and suffered brain damage and other injuries while searching for captured U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was found in 2014 but later dishonorably discharged.

Bergdahl, it was later discovered, had been captured after he deserted his post. He pleaded guilty to desertion in 2017.

Master Sgt. Mark Allen survived the 2009 shooting in Afghanistan, but was left unable to speak and had to use a wheelchair because of his injuries. 10 years after the shooting, he died after several recent illnesses and complications.

An obituary said that Allen served 21 years in the Army and National Guard and that he received a Purple Heart in 2013.

The community where Allen and his family lived rallied around them, honoring Allen and building a playground for his daughter. They also purchased adaptive jackets and donated them to other wounded soldiers in Allen’s honor.

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