BREAKING: Joe Biden CAUGHT Red-Handed In Health Scandal – America Shocked

Representative Bryon Donalds, a Republican from Florida, appeared on Fox News on Monday, December 26. While there, Donalds took aim at Joe Biden, saying he hasn’t been able to get a grip on COVID because Joe “‘was too busy worrying about’ passing spending bills.”

Donalds seems to think that if the federal government was approaching things the same way Florida has been, America would be climbing out of this hole a lot quicker. As a matter of fact, Florida’s monoclonal antibody program “was so successful that Joe Biden actually had to pull back the amount of monoclonal antibodies we were using in our state so he could try to save them for other states.”

So if Florida isn’t getting the help it needs, then who is?

Nobody, according to Donalds. “If you look at what’s happening right now, no state is getting what they need. Because Joe Biden doesn’t have a plan and he hasn’t been prepared.”

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