BREAKING: Tragic Trump Family News – America Shocked…

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin is back on the air these days, and seems to have put it back in his pants long enough to take some shots at Donald Trump and his family.

Appearing on “The Situation Room” on February 17, Toobin claimed that Trump and his family could be in some serious trouble if they plead the fifth during their civil case.

Wolf Blitzer got things going by saying, “Former President Trump and his kids argued that sitting for a deposition would violate, they say, their constitutional rights; this judge certainly disagreed. What do you make of this ruling?”

The exhibitionist Toobin wasted no time before spewing the anti-Trump rhetoric you would expect in response.

“Well, it was very straightforward. This is a legitimate investigation, and the attorney general of New York has subpoena power. She subpoenaed the former president and his two children, and they have a choice. They could testify, or they could take the Fifth. The problem with taking the Fifth is, first of all, it is embarrassing, but that is no bar to doing it, but in a civil case, as opposed to a criminal case, a jury could draw what is called an ‘adverse inference.’ The jury could assume, if it comes to that, that you did something wrong, that there is an incriminating answer there.”

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