BREAKING: Joe Biden Weakness SHOCKER – America Stunned…

Senator Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida, has had quite enough.

A Fox News poll recently showed only 47% of registered voters approve of Biden’s job performance. It’s simply not good enough for America.

And if it’s not good enough for America, it’s not good enough for Rick Scott.

“First off, I’m fed up with Biden, OK?” Scott said, wasting no time.

“Number one, he should never have approved Nord Stream 2. That’s number one. He should stop it right now,” Scott said. “Number two, he ought to be clear — he said he was going to be this world leader. He’s got to get world community. Organizers say we are going to stand up against Russia. Number three, he needs to send everything he can — we don’t need to send the American troops — we ought to send everything we can to help Ukrainians defend themselves and make sure … that Putin understands there will be consequences of his actions. But Joe Biden — I mean, everything is a reaction; nothing is thought out. I mean, this is the weakest president in my lifetime, I think.”

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