BREAKING: Top Trump Enemy Falls On Her Face TWICE – America Is Laughing…

Less than a month after it’s launch, CNN+ is being shut down.

Horrific viewership numbers are the reason, and reports are saying that network executives are absolutely furious over just how big of a failure this experiment really was.

Somebody involved that would NEVER take responsibility though? Jemele Hill.

Hill, who went from decently known sportscaster to super-famous liberal figurehead when she started spewing nonsensical “woke” takes to appeal to the sheep in society, has undeniably failed everywhere she’s gone since beginning her attack on America.

She was hired by ESPN in 2006, and only waited until 2008 to get suspended by inserting Hitler and racism into game summaries about the Boston Celtics.

Jemele Hill called Trump a white supremacist, and stands by that claim to this day.

So it’s no wonder that people really don’t want to listen to what she has to say.

Jemele Hill is one of the worst kinds of people in America, the kind that doesn’t care what kind of damage she’s doing as long as she gets clicks by constantly claiming white people are evil.

Real Americans are tired of it. While CNN+ wanted to parrot Jemele’s idiotic views across America, the people did not.

Breitbart compiled a short list showing what kind of American hero Hill really is.

– In 2019 she alluded to assassination during Trump’s State of the Union speech.
– In 2020 she said all Trump voters were racists.
– In 2021 she said the national anthem is “white supremacist” and should be cut from sports.
– In 2021, she called the NFL racist for “blackballing” national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick.
– And this year, she said black women should be “encouraged” by Will Smith’s act of violence during the 2022 Oscars broadcast.

These are the people CNN wants telling America how the world works, and then get confused when they fail.

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