BREAKING: Biden Caught Red-Handed In National Scandal – All a Lie…

Could Joe Biden possibly be considering doing the right thing?

Or maybe this was his plan all along, put forth a plan so outrageous the country would never accept it, then finally offer something somewhat reasonable in an attempt to look like a hero.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden has done in regards to this whole Title 42 situation.

He said he was ending it, which he very well knew would cause absolute chaos at the border.

Nearly the whole country turned on the idea of Title 42 going away, and it looks like Biden may be backing down as a result.

The news comes as both citizens and politicians alike have been sounding the alarm on how dangerous ending Title 42 would really be.

Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona said that he expected 30,000 border crossers and illegal aliens at the southern border every single day the moment Title 42 is ended.

Because if it is, we wouldn’t have any way to stop them.

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